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WWE Greatest Royal Rumble results: Braun Strowman gives everybody these hands

The first ever Greatest Royal Rumble match, the biggest Royal Rumble ever, closed out WWE’s stadium show in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on Friday, April 27. With a reported 90 seconds between entries, the 50 man match promised to be long, if nothing else.

And it meant the two men who drew the first and second spots in the match were facing an even more daunting task if they were going to have a chance to claim the trophy and championship belt which would be handed to the man who won the match.

Here was the order of entry:

1. Daniel Bryan
2. Dolph Ziggler
3. Sin Cara
4. Curtis Axel
5. Mark Henry
6. Mike Kanellis
7. Hiroki Sumi
8. Viktor
9. Kofi Kingston
10. Tony Nese
11. Dash Wilder
12. Hornswoggle
13. Primo
14. Xavier Woods
15. Bo Dallas
16. Kurt Angle
17. Scott Dawson
18. Goldust
19. Konnor
20. Elias
21. Luke Gallows
22. Rhyno
23. Drew Gulak
24. Tucker Knight
25. Bobby Roode
26. Fandango
27. Chad Gable
28. Rey Mysterio
29. Mojo Rawley
30. Tyler Breeze
31. Big E
32. Karl Anderson
33. Apollo Crews
34. Roderick Strong
35. Randy Orton
36. Heath Slater
37. Babatunde
38. Baron Corbin
39. Titus O’Neil
40. Dan Matha
41. Braun Strowman
42. Tye Dillinger
43. Curt Hawkins
44. Bobby Lashley
45. The Great Khali
46. Kevin Owens
47. Shane McMahon
48. Shelton Benjamin
49. Big Cass
50. Chris Jericho

The order of elimination (and who they were eliminated by):

1. Sin Cara (Ziggler)
2. Curtis Axel (Henry)
3. Mike Kanellis (Henry)
4. Hiroki Sumi (Henry)
5. Henry (Bryan and Ziggler)
6. Viktor (Bryan)
7. Dash Wilder (multiple, but pulled down by Swoggle)
8. Hornswoggle (Nese)
9. Tony Nese (Kingston and Woods)
10. Bo Dallas (Angle)
11. Primo (Angle)
12. Dolph Ziggler (Angle)
13. Konnor (Elias)
13. Xavier Woods (Elias)
15. Kofi Kingston (Elias)
16. Kurt Angle (Elias)
17. Drew Gulak (Knight)
18. Goldust (Bobby Roode)
19. Scott Dawson (Bobby Roode)
20. Luke Gallows (Mysterio)
21. Fandango (Rawley)
22. Tyler Breeze (Rawley)
23. Tucker Knight (Big E)
24. Chad Gable (Crews)
25. Rhyno (Strong)
26. Karl Anderson (Orton)
27. Mojo Rawley (Orton)
28. Apollo Crews (Orton)
29. Bobby Roode (Corbin)
30. Roderick Strong (Corbin)
31. Babatunde (Strowman)
32. Dan Matha (Strowman)
33. Big E (Strowman)
34. Heath Slater (Strowman)
35. Titus O’Neil (Strowman)
36. Tye Dillinger (Strowman)
37. Rey Mysterio (Corbin)
38. Baron Corbin (Orton)
39. Randy Orton (Elias)
40. Curt Hawkins (Strowman)
41. Elias (Lashley)
42. The Great Khali (Lashley and Strowman)
43. Shelton Benjamin (Jericho)
44. Shane McMahon (Strowman)
45. Bobby Lashley (Strowman)
46. Chris Jericho (Strowman)
47. Kevin Owens (Strowman)
48. Daniel Bryan (Cass)
49. Cass (Strowman)

Notable events:

  • Nice career achievement run of eliminations for Henry early, during a stretch which was otherwise notable for the number of near-eliminations Bryan and especially Ziggler survived.
  • It took a long time for the ring to get crowded thanks to Henry’s work, but after Viktor’s elimination, we finally got several large groups.
  • Kofi’s save! Landing on Woods’ back while he stood on the apron. He rode piggyback while Xavier climbed the turnbuckles and flew into the ring onto some guys. They followed up by dumping Nese after he joined their celebratory dance.
  • Elias carried his guitar to the ring (of course). Jeddah did not really seem to want to walk with him at first, but they seemed to figure it out in time for the “Walk With Elias” chant. He started to sing, but noticed the three-way tie up at the ropes and dropped everything to run in and eliminate Kofi, X and Konnor.
  • Nice tease of Bryan vs. Angle before Elias fourth elimination.
  • Mysterio’s arrival was well-timed, as it happened while the crowd was very quiet after a string of lower card entrants.
  • The Fashion PoPo had a cute spot where Dango caught Breeze to save him, but Mojo finished the job as soon as he was delivered back to the apron.
  • Knight got a bunch of pancakes thrown in his face before he ate a Big Ending and got tossed.
  • RKO OUT OF NOWHERE! Crews dove into one before Randy’s elimination binge that ended with him.
  • Titus’ entrance is going to live forever.
  • Cool spot where Strowman took a 6-1-9 and popped right into a RKO.
  • Curt Hawkins tried to run away before entering, but Braun tracked him down, shoved him to the ramp and dragged him back to eliminate him (after laying out Bryan on the outside).
  • WrestleMania (and most of 2017) throwback when Shane and DB forego attacking each other to team up and deliver YES/Money Kicks to Owens.
  • Owens led a team-up against Strowman that didn’t work.
  • After a wobble, McMahon went COAST2COAST on Braun, but didn’t eliminate him.
  • Scary moment when Lashley had trouble getting Cass up for a delayed vertical suplex. He ended up dropping him on his head, and the 7’-er disappeared for a while, but eventually returned.
  • Shane’s elimination was pretty epic, as Strowman got him back for the COAST2COAST by throwing him off the top turnbuckle as he set-up for another one... through the announce desk!
  • After the win, Vince McMahon and a Saudi official came out to award Braun with his belt and trophy. Vince could be seen providing Strowman with some direction on what to do during the mini-ceremony which closed the show.

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