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WWE Greatest Royal Rumble results: Undertaker buries Rusev and Aiden English (relatively softly)

After much drama, it happened.

Aiden English sang Rusev to the ring, and with a casket sitting at ringside, The Undertaker followed.

Taker’s entrance was long enough that people almost ran out of Rusev Day jokes on Twitter (got to get both cliches out of the way early in this match recap). Once he arrived, The Bulgarian Brute didn’t wait long after the bell to dig into his heel bag of tricks, asking for the casket to be opened and then rolling out of the ring.

Similar to his match at WrestleMania 34 with John Cena, The Dead Man went to his own familiar moves - a flurry of strikes and Old School. A whip sent Rusev rolling across the once-again closed casket, and English had to reassure his spooked friend.

That was a bit of a feint, however, as The Handsome One tried to get the drop on Taker when he followed him to the floor. The Phenom fired back quickly however, and even hit his leg drop apron spot before rolling Rusev into the casket.

English kept Taker from closing the lid, however, and when he chased The Singing Thespian up the ramp, Rusev got the drop on The Dead Man again.

He even got the legend into The Accolade, and dropped a non-responsive Taker to the mat while asking for the lid to again be lifted. The Dead Man sat up, however, and...

... after a choke slam, rolled Rusev to the casket. Before he could lower the lid, though, Aiden jumped up for a distraction. He got a Tombstone Piledriver for his trouble. Then he got buried with his partner.

Pretty much what we expected. Maybe a little longer than some thought, but largely a greatest hits show from The Phenom to please a crowd who never thought they’d get to see him live.

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