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Triple H vs. John Cena to open WWE Greatest Royal Rumble; a match The Game says doesn’t need build-up

It doesn’t look like there will be any matches on Greatest Royal Rumble’s Kickoff show, so there’s more prestigious than usual to being in the first match of the night at Jeddah’s King Abdullah Sport City Stadium on Friday, April 27.

So in addition to popping the estimated crowd of 60,000 with their entrances, John Cena and Triple H will be making a bit of history when they start the show with their match in a few hours:

There may not be much in the way of a storyline for the two future Hall of Famers, but it should excite the stadium getting to see the biggest pro wrestling event ever in the Middle East.

Hunter even has an answer for critics who say their match doesn’t have a story:

“I’ve heard people say there’s not much build-up for this match. There doesn’t need to be much build-up for this match. This is about 30 championship between us - John Cena, Triple H. It doesn’t get bigger and Cena better bring his ‘A’ game cause I’m here to get the job done this time.”

Which is true, especially for fans in Jeddah who up to a few months ago probably thought they’d never see Triple H or John Cena - let alone a match between the two.

But when the only “official” thing we’ve heard from either character heading into the match is an impromptu interview with a tired executive...

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