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WWE Greatest Royal Rumble results, live match coverage

WWE Greatest Royal Rumble is all set to pop off today (Fri., April 27, 2018) from the King Abdullah Sports City Stadium in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia at 12:00 p.m. ET, live on the WWE Network. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of Greatest Royal Rumble below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing! Note: To get in on the conversation on this show, visit our open thread here.


Braun Strowman wins the 50-man Royal Rumble
Brock Lesnar def. Roman Reigns
Undertaker def. Rusev
AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura went to a double countout draw.
Seth Rollins def. Finn Balor, the Miz, and Samoa Joe
The Bludgeon Brothers def. The Usos
Jeff Hardy def. Jinder Mahal
Woken Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt def. Cesaro & Sheamus
Cedric Alexander def. Kalisto
John Cena def. Triple H


There is a demon among us, whose soul belongs in hell, sent here to redeem us, she knows it all too well. He comes and goes, he comes and goes, she knows it all too well. But when all is said and done, the sun goes down and I liveblog this here pro wrestling show for you, folks.

The main show opens with the national anthems of both Saudi Arabia and the United States of America played instrumentally.

We get a hype video putting the show over and running the card down.

John Cena vs. Triple H

Circling, collar and elbow, Hunter throws Cena back and they go back to the lockup, this time John overpowers the Game and shoves him back. Test of strength, jockeying for position, HHH forcing Cena to his knees, off the ropes, shoulder block, mockingly doing the “You can’t see me!” hand wave, whip reversed, John with the shoulder block of his own!

To the corner, Triple sidesteps, big right hand knocks the 16-time world champion off his feet! Smashing his face into the turnbuckle, another right knocks Cena down again, again with the mockery but John gets a schoolboy for two! Lariat from Hunter, a nearfall for him as well, he takes Cena to the corner, punch, hard whip across into more punishment in the corner.

Whip reversed, sleeper hold applied, Cena fading, dropping to a knee but not failing, he straightens up, breaks free, ducks a lariat and here we go! Shoulder block, shoulder block, fall-forward Blue Thunder Driver reversed to a snapmare and HHH follows with a lariat! Trading right hands in the middle of the ring, whip, Triple hits the single knee facebreaker... NOPE!

Underhooks, reversed, fireman’s carry, Hunter gets the ropes, Cena hits the fall-forward Blue Thunder Driver this time, “You can’t see me!”, off the ropes, Five Knuckle Shuffle countered when Triple pops up and hits a back suplex! “You can’t see me”, crotch chop, Five Knuckle Shuffle from the Game... NOT ENOUGH! Underhooks, reversed, and John dumps Hunter over the ropes and to the floor!

Smashing his face into the barricade and then into the ringpost, back inside, Cena thinking about the Kenta Kobashi diving leg drop but it gets countered into a spinebuster! Both men slow to recover, back to trading punches in the middle of the ring, drop toehold into the STF! Going to readust as Hunter nearly makes the ropes, shrugged off, spinning spinebuster... NOT ENOUGH!

Mounted punches in the corner, Cena counters, fall-forward Blue Thunder Driver, “You can’t see me!”, Five Knuckle Shuffle, fireman’s carry, Attitude Adjustment... NO GOOD! Rising to his feet, determination on his face, Cena waits for Triple to get up, fireman’s carry, reversed, underhooks, Pedigree connects... STILL NOT ENOUGH! Fireman’s carry again, reversed to a sunset flip this time, kick out, Cena picks the leg and goes back to the STF!

HHH reverses to an arm-trap crossface, wrenching back, John posts to his knees and to his feet, fireman’s carry, Attitude Adjustment, catapult into the turnbuckles, fireman’s carry again...

John Cena wins by pinfall with the Attitude Adjustment.

Cena cuts a promo about what an honor it is to be here today and regardless of what’s going on in his life he wouldn’t miss it for the world. He thanks Saudi Arabia for its unmatched hospitality and all the fans for allowing him to be part of something so special, and he bids they enjoy the rest of their night.

We get the music video for Backlash being dual-branded, on this pay-per-view that is also dual-branded.

Cedric Alexander (c) vs. Kalisto (WWE Cruiserweight Championship)

Circling, collar and elbow, Kalisto with a hammerlock, reversed to a wristlock, roll through, reverse again, Cedric has a reversal of his own for it. Handspring headscissors, Kalisto cartwheels out, leapfrog, drop down, handspring headscissors connects for the luchador. Off the ropes, low bridge, double jump somersault senton from Kalisto! Back in, perched high, nobody home, up and over to the apron and Alexander catches him with an enzuigiri... TOPE CON GIRO!

Grounded waistlock, Cedric trying to grind his challenger down, Kalisto breaks free, off the ropes but gets leveled by a huge dropkick for a nearfall! Back to the waistlock, wrenching it in, turning it into a takedown, and another, escape with an armdrag, flip to the apron, enzuigiri connects, Kalisto springboards in with a crossbody! Kick to the gut, headscissors driver!

Satellite DDT follows... NOPE! Elbow up in the corner, Kalisto comes up empty with a moonsault, roll through, charge in, caught by the Michinoku Driver! Charging in, Cedric ot the apron, he takes a kick to the head and is stunned in the turnbuckle. Kalisto climbs to meet him, trading blows, avalanche Frankensteiner denied, Alexander hosses him up into powerbomb position but Kalisto fights back... LO MEIN PAIN! ONLY A NEARFALL!

Going forearm for chop in the middle of the ring, Kalisto fires up, slap rush, off the ropes, Matrix evasion, spinning backfist from Cedric sets up Lumbar Check but Kalisto reverses to a Frankensteiner! Salida Del Sol, Cedric reverses...

Cedric Alexander wins by reversing Salida Del Sol into Lumbar Check, retaining the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.

Bray Wyatt & Matt Hardy vs. the Bar (Cesaro & Sheamus) (WWE Raw Tag Team Championship)

Hardy and Cesaro to start, collar and elbow, into the corner Matt turns him around and declares his intention to delete him. They trade hand gestures, Hardy catches a kick, off the ropes, shoulder block, tag to Wyatt. Freight train shoulder block, right hands, tag to Sheamus, kicks to the midsection and the tide turns that easy. Whip reversed, kick to counter the back body drop but Bray levels him with a lariat in return!

Tag to Matt, double whip, double back elbow into the senton / leg drop combo, they run Cesaro off and get fired up about how WONDERFUL it all is. Corner lariat to the neckbreaker, only good for one and his Broken Brilliance calls for the Twist of Fate. Shot off as a counter, Cesaro runs interference, neck snap over the ropes and Sheamus delivers a lariat.

Matt to the floor, Cesaro with another cheap shot as referee Darrick Moore tries to restore order. Sheamus off the apron with a knee, he gets Hardy back inside and grabs a front chancery to try and lock him down. Tag to Cesaro, trying to lock him down but he can’t quite get all of it and he tags Sheamus back in. Off the ropes, knee drop across the chest, only good for two.

Cesaro back in, uppercut to the Karelin lift, only a nearfall so he chokes him against the ropes and Sheamus gets a cheap shot in. Remaining in charge, quick tags, clear the apron, Matt throwing body blows, he gets the Side Effect and tags Bray back in! Backing Cesaro into the corner with palm strikes, Shotei for Sheamus, charging larait for Cesaro, off the ropes and the freight train crossbody... NOPE!

Sheamus runs interference, Cesaro gets a cover, no good, the assisted White Noise... HARDY BREAKS IT UP! Twist of Fate on Cesaro, Sheamus dumps Broken Matt and starts firing up in the corner when Wyatt bridges up! Hardy gets on the apron, Brogue Kick ducked, Sister Abigail connects, fired up, tag made...

Bray Wyatt & Matt Hardy win by pinfall with an elevated Twist of Fate on Sheamus, winning the vacant WWE Raw Tag Team Championship.

Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Jinder Mahal (WWE United States Championship)

Jinder in at the jump, Hardy fights back with a jawbreaker, a dropkick, Mahal to the floor, slingshot dropkick and Jeff pops out and onto the barricade for a diving lariat on the floor! Sunil Singh runs interference with a leg pick on the apron, Jinder capitalizes and hits the repeated knee drops to the face. Swinging neckbreaker, off the ropes for another knee drop, just a nearfall.

Crossface strike into a half nelson chinlock into a mat slam in short order and Jinder’s fired up. Reverse chinlock applied, Jeff fights out, Twist of Fate denied, double lariats and both men are wiped out! Fireman’s carry gutbuster reversed, Manhattan Drop to the double leg drop and the basement dropkick! Boots up in the corner, Whisper in the Wind...

...doesn’t hit but Jinder sells like it did anyway and Hardy gets a nearfall off it. Yikes. Kick combo, Hardyac Arrest in the corner, Jeff’s fired off, takes his shirt off, Singh runs interference, Khallas reversed and reversed again to a victory roll... NOPE! Twist of Fate connects, Hardy climbs...

Jeff Hardy wins by pinfall with a Swanton Bomb, retaining the WWE United States Championship.

We get the John Cena Make-a-Wish ad while we go to the pre-show panel of Byron Saxton, Jerry “the King” Lawler, Jim Ross, and Booker T to recap what we’ve seen on the show so far. This segues into a video package about how great Saudi Arabia is.

Chris Jericho is interviewed backstage about how happy he is to be competing in the Greatest Royal Rumble with all the returning superstars and big names and also Mojo Rawley. Jericho insists the man he’s interviewing is Tom and not Mike and does a whole bit that ends with him getting put on the List. As well as the sound guy, Ed Koskey, and all the other men in the Greatest Royal Rumble.

Back to the panel, they run down the rest of the card coming up before tossing to another backstage interview, this one with Daniel Bryan. He says not being able to compete for so long was tough, but just made him realize how much he loved wrestling and how much ever day he gets to wrestle is a privilege. He’s not just winning any Royal Rumble match, but the biggest one in WWE history. YES!

Bludgeon Brothers (Erick Rowan & Luke Harper) (c) vs. the Usos (Jimmy & Jey Uso) (WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship)

Jey and Rowan to start, Uso rushing him but getting laid out with a dropkick from the big man! Slingshot knee drop, tag to Harper. In with a big slicing right, another one, quick tag back to Erick and he puts boots and a knee drop to Jey. Pumphandle backbreaker, off the ropes, big splash and into a head vise! Punches in the corner, Jey manages to put Erick into the post and low-bridges Luke, crawling... tag made!

Jimmy in hot and over the ropes with a plancha! One for Rowan as well, kicks for both champions, he perches up top, diving crossbody... NOT EVEN ONE! Discus lariat blocked, 540 enzuigiri connects, Luke’s down in the corner, running hip attack! Harper with an elbow in the opposite corner, up for the Brodie Bomb, nope, tag to Jey! Double-team kicks in the corner, superkick party for Luke, one for Erick, Jey off the top with a splash... NOT ENOUGH!

Tag to Jim, they perch on opposite sides, Rowan picks Jey off, crescent kick lays him out, Harper dumps Jimmy and Erick runs him over! Tag to Rowan, fired up, slapping his partner, assisted body avalanche...

Bludgeon Brothers win by pinfall with the assisted powerbomb, retaining the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship.

Finn Balor vs. Samoa Joe vs. Seth Rollins (c) vs. the Miz (WWE Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match)

Four-way standoff, Miz and Balor pair off as do Joe and Rollins. Whip across, Miz with a sunset flip, roll through into the dropkick and Finn steps to Samoa. Corner elbow into the enzuigiri, Joe running hot but he runs into a boot, as does Miz, Seth perches and connects with a double blockbuster! Ripcord blocked by Balor, inverted 1916 blocked with a knee to the face, the Architect connects with an enzuigiri, Finn spills to the floor, off the ropes and the suicide dive lands true!

Another dive for Miz! Rollins goes under the ring for plunder, pulls a ladder out, Joe tries to stop him and Architect and A-Lister form an alliance against the Destroyer, ramming him with a ladder until Balor takes them all out with a tope con giro! Samoa takes them out the ladder and brings it in the ring to set it up, shoving Miz aside in the process. Seth back in, chops and forearms, off the ropes, drop toehold puts him into the ladder!

Joe moves on to Finn, chopping him hard in the corner and headbutting the back of his neck before setting him up in the corner for a running knee. Back to the middle of the ring, powerbomb countered with a double leg into the ladder and then a double stomp on the steel! Balor sets the ladder up and starts climbing but Miz is right behind him and lays him out with a big boot!

The A-Lister climbing, reaching, Rollins pulls him down, Skull-Crushing Finale blocked and Seth puts him face-first in to the ladder before clotheslining Miz to the floor! Setting the ladder back up, Rollins climbs, Finn cuts him off and climbs in his place, Seth comes from behind, pulls him down, starts climbing on his own, so Balor climbs the opposite side and they slug it out... MIZ AND JOE KNOCK THE LADDER DOWN AND TAKE BOTH MEN OUT!

Miz begs off as Joe turns to him with a smile on his face, desperately offering a hand in alliance. Samoa takes it... SHORT-ARM HEADBUTT! Joe sets the ladder in the corner, it falls down and he slams Balor into it anyway! Samoa throws Seth into the ladder after! Picking it up, he runs Miz over with the ladder before dropping it in the center of the ring and leaning it in the corner.

Balor blocks a pass into the ladder, Sling Blade connects, shotgun dropkick into the ladder! Finn sets it atop Joe and climbs up top, but Rollins runs over to meet him! Miz gets in, Joe clears him from the apron... TOWER OF DOOM! Samoa goes and gets another ladder and slides it in the ring... MIZ WAKES UP AND HITS SKULL-CRUSHING FINALE ON THE LADDER!

The A-Lister looks around and realizes everybody else is down, so he sets the ladder up and gets at it! He gets up top but Rollins makes the save and joins him! Trading punches, smashing the champion’s face into the steel, Miz knocks him to the mat! Finn climbs up after him, right hands, reaching, pawing at the title, but Miz keeps throwing punches, forcing Balor to knock him down, but the A-Lister yanks him down and hits the neckbreaker / backbreaker combination before knocking the ladder down with Rollins on it!

Basement DDT takes Seth out! Miz folds the ladder up and rams Rollins in the midsection with it before clobbering Balor! Another ram for Finn, he knocks Seth into the Arabic announce table! Balor connects with a gamengiri, Miz sprawls on the fallen ladder, up top... COUP DE GRACE ON THE LADDER! Samoa’s back up, he and Finn trade shots until the Pele kick connects!

Climbing, Joe pulls him down and grabs the Coquina Clutch but Finn slips out and hits a double stomp! Joe comes back with the big Rock Bottom and begins his climb... but Balor knocks the ladder over! Climbing, Rollins rushes up with him and they reach simulataneously...

Seth Rollins wins, retrieving the title and retaining the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

We get a video package covering the tryout WWE held in Saudi Arabia.

Live in the ring, four prospects from those tryouts are spotlighted-- Nassar, Hussein, Monsoour, and Fisal. Hussein talks about how he never expected WWE to come to Saudi Arabia and he’s been waiting more than 20 years, but now you have four Saudi WWE superstars. He speaks a bit of Arabic for the crowd. Monsoour says they grew up just Saudi kids with a dream but today that dream came true and they stand before us hoping to represent their country as the first WWE superstars from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Enter Shawn and Ariya Daivari. Ariya runs the prospects down, asking if that’s what they call athletes in Saudi Arabia and calling them pathetic, nothing, trainees and wannabes. Real athletes like the Daivari brothers come from the strongest nation in the world, Iran. Shawn cuts a promo on them in Farsi and Ariya gets in Monsoour’s face, shoving him.

Monsoour shoves him back and knocks him down, and Fisal lays Shawn out with a roundhouse kick! Scoop and a slam from Nassar! Hussein draws the elder Daivari up and plays to the crowd before dumping him out of the ring! The Saudi prospects raise each other’s hands for the crowd.

This feeds into an ad for Something Else To Wrestle with Bruce Prichard on the WWE Network.

AJ Styles (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura (WWE Championship)

Circling, Nakamura throwing probing kicks before Styles comes in with a waistlock. Reversal to a wristlock, wrenching it in, AJ rolls through and reverses to a wristlock of his own, returning the wrenches in kind. Shinsuke rolls through and kicks his way out before bailing to the floor. Back in, Styles gets a side headlock but Nakamura forces him into the ropes and referee Jason Ayers demands the break.

Shinsuke breaks dirty with a slap, AJ bum rushes him into the ropes again and again Ayers has to count them off and force the break. Off the ropes, big dropkick, Styles backs him into the corner for chops, snapmare, kick to the back, cover gets one. The King of Strong Style takes the WWE Champion’s knee out from under him and stomps him repeatedly on the apron before clobbering him with a Kinshasa from the floor!

Knee drop across the back of the neck follows, back inside, knees in the corner into Good Vibrations, knee drop across the chest and he follows that up with a reverse chinlock, keeping the Phenomenal One grounded. AJ posts to his feet, Shinsuke punishes him with knees, inverted exploder suplex, lands on his feet does Styles and he hits the back suplex facebuster for some breathing room!

AJ with lariats, snapmare, off the ropes, sliding forearm connects and he kips up, ready to rock! Leaping lariat in the corner, fireman’s carry, Shinsuke slips out, back to it, Ushigoroshi lands true... NOPE! Looking for the Styles Clash, Nakamura finds safety in the ropes, blocks a whip, knee connects and the reverse roundhouse follows! Falling knees to the side of the head, a disdainful stomp to the back of the skull and into a gourdbuster!

Fired up in the corner, waiting for Styles to rise but he’s ready, schoolboy gets a nearfall! Calf Killer is locked on in the middle of the ring! Shinsuke crawls for the ropes but AJ rolls him back around... the ropes break the hold! Pick the leg, enzuigiri cuts him off but Styles gets boots up in the corner, slingshot in, caught and set up... corner knee lift! ONLY TWO!

Challenger sets champion up in the corner, roundhouse kick, climb to join him, AJ slips under and picks the leg to put Shinsuke face-first into the turnbuckles! Slugging it out forearm for forearm, Styles pulls ahead and Nakamura crumbles but it was a ruse! AJ ducks kicks, Styles Rush, backfist ducked and Shinsuke takes him down into the cross armbar!

Styles has his hands clasped but Nakamura breaks his grip, reversed to a pin! Pele kick connects, charging in, up and over to the apron, a forearm hits, AJ primes himself, springboard, nobody home and he almost wipes referee Jason Ayers out! Shinsuke takes advantage, low blow into a lateral press... AJ HAS THE ROPES! Nakamura’s fired up, charges in but gets caught with a flying lariat!

Shinsuke rolls to the floor, AJ follows... SPEAR OVER THE ARABIC ANNOUNCE TABLE! Referee Jason Ayers counts as Styles knocks Nakamura around...

The match goes to a double count-out draw.

Styles does a run-up and Cactus Clotheslines himself and Shinsuke right over the timekeeper’s barricade before walloping him with a chair! Shinsuke manages to get away and limp off, leaving AJ to celebrate in the ring.

Aiden English sings his man in, with lyrics about how Undertaker’s gonna get locked in the casket and buried before they celebrate on Rusev Day.

Rusev vs. the Undertaker (Casket Match)

Rusev bails immediately and demands the casket be closed while English gives him a pep talk. Undertaker comes around behind him, right hands, putting him back in the ring, where Rusev comes back with right hands and boots in the corner. Taker back at him with strikes of his own, arm wringer, short-arm shoulder blocks, keeping the hand, he climbs up top and hits Old School!

To the floor, Rusev beats on the Deadman against the barricade but a reversed whip puts him into the timekeeper’s barricade hard. Taker follows it up with the guillotine leg drop on the apron. He rolls the Bulgarian Brute into the casket but Aiden stops him from closing it! Undertaker runs him off and Rusev gets out and lays the Phenom out with boots, stomping away!

Kidney shot into shoulder thrusts, right hand, but the Deadman recovers and they trade punches! Rusev pulls ahead but Undertaker uses his momentum off the ropes to win the exchange with a haymaker! Bulgarian Brute hits that lovely Shinjiro Ohtani spinning wheel kick and lays the Deadman out! Off the ropes, repeated elbow drops and he’s fired up! Stomp to the back and he locks the Accolade on!

Taker is seemingly knocked out, Rusev calls for the casket to open but the Deadman sits up! Goozle applied, Rusev dodges the chokeslam and they go back to trading punches in the middle of the ring. Whip, Undertaker ducks a forearm and hits the chokeslam! He tosses Rusev into the casket but English interferes again... AND GETS CHOKESLAMMED FOR HIS TROUBLE!

Slash the throat, scoop Aiden up... TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER! Taker puts English in the casket too...

Undertaker wins by putting Rusev in the casket and closing the lid.

Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Roman Reigns (WWE Universal Championship Steel Cage Match)

Circling, Roman rushes in and gets caught with a German suplex! A second, a third, taking him to Suplex City and roaring at the crowd! A fourth follows, the F-5 connects, up for a second after a delay but Reigns slips out... SUPERMAN PUNCH! A SECOND! A THIRD, BROCK IS OFF BALANCE! THE BIG DOG HOWLS... SPEAR CAUGHT INTO A FIREMAN’S CARRY! Roman catches the cage and climbs but Lesnar cuts him off!

Dropping him back into the ring with an elbow, Brock climbs the cage in the corner, but he’s unsteady and Roman comes over and picks the leg, pulling him down into a running powerbomb! Reigns follows it up by throwing the Beast into the cage a few times, lying in wait... SPEAR! Waiting, he wants a second and gets it! Waiting, off the ropes, a third spear! Into the cover... BROCK KICKS OUT!

The Big Dog calls for the door to be opened and heads out but Paul Heyman slams the door on his face! F-5 connects... ROMAN IS STILL IN IT! Heyman threw a chair into the ring and bids his Beast use it. Brock takes the MMA gloves off to show he means business, I guess, but it gives Roman time... SPEAR NUMBER FOUR CAN’T DO IT! Reigns picks the chair up and wails on the champion’s back!

Superman Punch connects, Roman goes for another spear... BOTH MEN GO THROUGH THE CAGE! We wait a moment for the official decision...

Brock Lesnar wins, escaping the cage first and retaining the WWE Universal Championship.

Commentary hypes up the Backlash card and show us the title belt that the winner of the Greatest Royal Rumble will receive in addition to the trophy.

This is followed by a sizzle reel for upcoming content on the WWE Network.

Greatest Royal Rumble Match

Entering at #1 is Daniel Bryan.

Entering at #2 is Dolph Ziggler.

Feeling out, trying to toss each other over the ropes early, Ziggler gets a guillotine for a moment and backs Bryan into the corner. Punch to theface, trying to dump him, Dan fights away with a back elbow, right hands, off the ropes, Dolph hits a big dropkick! He dumps Bryan over the ropes but the American Dragon gets an armscissor and pulls Ziggler with him to the apron! The countdown timer ticks...

Entering at #3 is Sin Cara.

Cara ducks a lariat, quebrada takes both guys out, one-arm powerbomb on Dolph! Leg kick and a forearm for Bryan ,whip reversed, duck a lariat, springboard crossbody connects! Corner dropkick, Dan back body drops him to the apron and Sin climbs up top for a senton atomico but he can’t dump Bryan over! Duck a superkick, La Atlantida! Zig Zag denied, superkick hits this time, lariat...

Dolph Ziggler eliminates Sin Cara.

Daniel Bryan tries to dump Dolph, the countdown timer ticks...

Entering at #4 is Curtis Axel.

Axel in, he immediately goes after Bryan, putting boots to him in the corner. Trading punches with Ziggler, whip reversed, charging in, Curtis catches the boots and hangs Dolph in the ropes for repeated northern lariats! The countdown timer ticks...

Entering at #5 is MARK HENRY!

Axel has Bryan hung up in the corner as Mark comes in, he comes over, World’s Strongest Slam over the ropes blocked but Mark fires off a headbutt...

Mark Henry eliminates Curtis Axel.

Bryan and Ziggler struggle with Henry, the countdown timer ticks...

Entering at #6 is Mike Kanellis.

Mark Henry stares in disgust at Kanellis, hits a lariat...

Mark Henry eliminates Mike Kanellis.

Bryan over with a sleeper on Henry but he escapes and punishes the American Dragon in the corner. Whip across, Dolph intervenes, the countdown timer ticks...

Entering at #7 is Hiroki Sumi.

Michael Cole puts this guy over as a legit sumo wrestler and he and Mark Henry square off. Test of strength, Henry pitches Sumi over the ropes!

Mark Henry eliminates Hiroki Sumi.

Bryan and Ziggler gang up on Mark...

Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler eliminate Mark Henry.

Bryan tries to eliminate Dolph and the countdown timer ticks...

Entering at #8 is Viktor.

Viktor goes to dump Dolph and fails, Bryan sidesteps a charge but eats a diving knee! Running uppercut for Ziggler, Viktor scoops Dan up for a slam to the floor but Bryan stops short, shoulder armbreakers into a judo throw over the ropes...

Daniel Bryan eliminates Viktor.

Bryan and Ziggler at each other again, the countdown timer ticks...

Entering at #9 is Kofi Kingston.

Kofi in with double lariats, off the ropes, Boom Drop for Ziggler, Bryan tries to pass him to the floor but he blocks and hoists Dan over the ropes! Bryan gets back in, kicking away, the countdown timer ticks...

Entering at #10 is Tony Nese.

Bryan gets Ziggler over the ropes, Nese has a Matrix evasion into a kick combo to take Kingston out! He’s got Kofi over the ropes, Bryan makes the save and uppercuts Tony for his trouble! The countdown timer ticks...

Entering at #11 is Dash Wilder.

Wilder goes right after Nese, fireman’s carry backbreaker, Bryan over, Dash clubbing away at him, whip into a hard back elbow! To the corner, beating on him, setting him up top, the countdown timer ticks...

Entering at #12 is Hornswoggle!

Horny runs over and helps eliminate Wilder!

Daniel Bryan, Tony Nese, and Hornswoggle eliminate Dash Wilder.

Swoggle with a low superkick on Kingston, fireman’s carry... SAMOAN DROP! Horny heads up top, but Ziggler cuts him off with a superkick! He recovers, Dolph grabs his beard, Tony Nese runs over...

Tony Nese eliminates Hornswoggle.

Bryan and Kingston getting into it, the countdown timer ticks...

Entering at #13 is Primo Colon.

Whip on Nese, going for a springboard, he slips, jockeying for position over a suplex and he settles for a jawbreaker as Bryan hits a tornado DDT on Kofi! Failure to eliminate Nese, Dan and Dolph fighting again, the countdown timer ticks...

Entering at #14 is Xavier Woods.

Primo dumps Woods to the apron, sets Kingston on top of him, forearms, they teeter back but Xavier’s hanging on for dear life and Kofi climbs them back onto the apron! The New Day men perch up top and Kingston dives into the crush! Tony tries to join them in their dancing and they’re into it, hoisting him up... and dumping him.

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods eliminate Tony Nese.

The countdown timer ticks...

Entering at #15 is Bo Dallas.

Bo dumps Kofi, who hangs on for dear life, as Dallas turns to Woods and beats on him. Bryan with a straight suplex on Kingston, the countdown timer ticks...

Entering at #16 is Kurt Angle.

Angle with German suplexes for everybody! He dumps Bo Dallas and Primo Colon in short order...

Kurt Angle eliminates Bo Dallas.

Kurt Angle eliminates Primo Colon.

Dolph hits a superkick, fired up, charges in... Kurt belly-to-belly suplexes him to the floor!

Kurt Angle eliminates Dolph Ziggler.

Getting into it with Woods, Kofi tries to dump Bryan, the countdown timer ticks...

Entering at #17 is Scott Dawson.

Beating on Xavier in the corner, uppercut connects, Angle comes over and intervenes, getting into it with Scott. Bryan nearly eliminated by New Day, the countdown timer ticks...

Entering at #18 is Goldust!

Powerslam on Woods, he tries to eliminate him but Xavier saves himself. Kingston has Bryan in the corner, Dan perches... DIVING KNEE CONNECTS! Goldy tries to dump Bryan but he holds on and slides back in as the countdown timer ticks...

Entering at #19 is Konnor.

Konnor going after the New Day men, Goldust still trying to eliminate the American Dragon and failing. Woods tries to take Angle down and it goes poorly, the countdown timer ticks...

Entering at #20 is Elias.

He sings his way into the arena and asks Jeddah if they want to walk with him. He does the usual schtick about silencing your stuff as New Day try to dump Konnor and he slides in to help...

Elias and New Day eliminate Konnor.

Elias eliminates Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods.

The countdown timer ticks...

Entering at #21 is Luke Gallows.

Gallows in on Dawson, putting boots to him as Daniel Bryan and Kurt Angle trade punches! German suplex, Bryan lands on his knees and dropkicks Kurt’s leg out from under him! Yes! kicks follow, Angle catches the buzzsaw... ANKLE LOCK! Bryan gets out, to the corner, running forearm dodged, Angle Slam! THE STRAPS ARE DOWN BUT ELIAS IS READY...

Elias eliminates Kurt Angle.

Luke Gallows has big boots for everybody as the countdown timer ticks...

Entering at #22 is Rhyno.

Rhyno beating on Dawson, Goldust getting into it with Elias, Gallows sets Bryan up in the corner but doesn’t finish the job as the countdown timer ticks...

Entering at #23 is Drew Gulak.

GULAK RIGHT IN ON BRYAN! STOMPS IN THE CORNER! Dawson pulls him away and they trade chops as Goldust continues to beat on Elias and the countdown timer ticks...

Entering at #24 is Heavy Machinery’s Tucker Knight!

Knight gets into it with Dawson as Drew picks Bryan’s leg, looking for maybe a half-crab. Tucker pulls him away, delayed vertical, Gulak reverses to a sleeper hold! Knight manages to sling Gulak over the ropes...

Tucker Knight eliminates Drew Gulak.

Elias trying to eliminate Bryan as the countdown timer ticks...

Entering at #25 is Bobby Roode.

Roode in on Elias, lariat for Knight, spinning spinebuster for Dawson! Elias puts him in the corner and eats the blockbuster! Bobby passes Goldust to the apron...

Bobby Roode eliminates Goldust.

Roode slingshots Dawson into the turnbuckles...

Bobby Roode eliminates Scott Dawson.

The countdown timer ticks...

Entering at #26 is Fandango.

Fandango punching away at Gallows, Rhyno forms an impromptu team with his fellow big man and Bryan tries to dump Roode. The countdown timer ticks...

Entering at #27 is Chad Gable.

Gable passes Rhyno to the corner, big hip toss for Dango, Tucker beating on the Man-Beast in the corner but Chad gets under him with an electric chair drop! Bryan throwing kicks on Gable as the countdown timer ticks...

Entering at #28 is REY MYSTERIO!

Gallows gets Rey up for a powerbomb but takes a Frankensteiner to the floor instead!

Rey Mysterio eliminates Luke Gallows.

Rey sets Roode up on the middle rope, Fandango runs interference and it ends with a satelitte DDT on Gable! The countdown timer ticks...

Entering at #29 is Mojo Rawley.

Mojo runs down and immediately sets on Fandango!

Mojo Rawley eliminates Fandango.

Beating on Gable, Elias and Bryan are into it, Rey joins in with Mojo trying to eliminate the Olympian. Bryan sets the Drifter up top but Samson slips out and the countdown timer ticks...

Entering at #30 is Tyler Breeze.

Tyler has a moment with Fandango as he leaves and goes after Mojo Rawley, only to jump off into Dango’s arms! Mojo shoves him to the floor...

Mojo Rawley eliminates Tyler Breeze.

Knight with a huge Lou Thesz Press on Gable, Bryan in with the chest kicks, looking for a suplex on Gable but Chad gets it off instead! The countdown timer ticks...

Entering at #31 is Big E.

E squares off with Tucker but he brought a gift of pancakes! He throws them at Knight, ducks a lariat and grabs the abdominal stretch! Tucker out, right hands, E scoops him up... BIG ENDING!

Big E eliminates Tucker Knight.

Big throws more pancakes at the NXT superstar before turning to Roode as the countdown timer ticks...

Entering at #32 is Karl Anderson.

Anderson in on Bryan, he gets the corner bicycle kick, spinning spinebuster on Roode and the Too Sweets go up! Kick to Big E, off the ropes but he gets freight trained and dumped to the apron! Bryan and Gable going at it, Rey hits a 619 as the countdown timer ticks...

Entering at #33 is Apollo Crews.

Crews hits an enzuigiri into a standing moonsault and dumps Gable!

Apollo Crews eliminates Chad Gable.

Apollo and Daniel going at it, overhead elbows from the American Dragon, looking for a powerbomb elimnation but Crews clubs at him and the countdown timer ticks...

Entering at #34 is RODERICK STRONG!

Roddy in on Elias, whip into a huge dropkick, half nelson backbreaker for Roode, catch backbreaker for Anderson, wheelbarrow backbreaker for Mysterio, firemana’s carry gutbuster on Big E! Dumps Rhyno to the apron, running knee!

Roderick Strong eliminates Rhyno.

Strong on Bryan in a chop war as the countdown timer ticks...

Entering at #35 is Randy Orton.

Orton runs Rawley and Crews over with lariats and hits the powerslam on Karl! Apollo catches him with a back elbow, moonsault COUNTERED INTO THE RKO!

Randy Orton eliminates Karl Anderson.

Randy Orton eliminates Mojo Rawley.

Randy Orton eliminates Apollo Crews.

Orton attacks Rey, the countdown timer ticks...

Entering at #36 is Heath Slater.

Orton nearly eliminates Bryan! Heath in hot with a knee for E, punches for Elias, he nearly dumps the Drifter but is foiled by an upkick! Mysterio and Roode team up to try and eliminate Dan, Bryan goes off the ropes on him, the countdown timer ticks...

Entering at #37 is Babatunde.

The Polish giant comes in with an overhead elbow, off the ropes... POUNCE ON ROODE! Babatunde beats on Bobby some more but Bryan steps up to him with right hands! The countdown timer ticks...

Entering at #38 is Baron Corbin.

Corbin pulls Elias out under the bottom and throws him into the steps! Baron comes in, punches for a bunch of dudes, boot for Bryan, Rey comes in with hamstring kicks, dukcs lariats... DEEP SIX! Strong fends Corbin off, passes him to the flor, back in, jumping knee countered with a lariat! Glorious DDT denied and Corbin dumps him!

Baron Corbin eliminates Bobby Roode.

Baron Corbin eliminates Roderick Strong.

Corbin goes after Babatunde as the countdown timer ticks...

Entering at #39 is Titus O’Neil.

Titus managed to slip and slide under the ring as he tried to come in! Bryan and Rey put boots to him to punish him, Dan ends up trying to dump Randy as the countdown timer ticks...

Entering at #40 is Dan Matha.

Matha in on Mysterio, putting boots to him as we take another look at Titus sliding under the ring because it’s that funny. Dan tries to dump Rey and Slater tries to dump Bryan as the countdown timer ticks...

Entering at #41 is Braun Strowman!

Braun gets in the ring and immediately targets Babatunde...

Braun Strowman eliminates Babatunde.

Braun Strowman eliminates Dan Matha.

Bryan and Elias get These Hands and roll out under the bottom as Strowman turns to E...

Braun Strowman eliminates Big E.

Slater jumps at him, Braun military presses him to the floor...

Braun Strowman eliminates Heath Slater.

Everybody gangs up on the monster among men as the countdown timer ticks...

Entering at #42 is Tye Dillinger.

Tye joins the crush and Braun shrugs them all off!

Braun Strowman eliminates Titus O’Neil.

Braun Strowman eliminates Tye Dillinger.

Right hand for Corbin, Braun scoops Rey up, he slides away, Orton with a dropkick, Mysterio gets him on the second... 619! RKO! Rey with the springboard seated senton on the Viper! Baron tries to eliminate him, it takes a few tries....

Baron Corbin eliminates Rey Mysterio.

Orton with a lariat...

Randy Orton eliminates Baron Corbin.

The Drifter drifts back in...

Elias eliminates Randy Orton.

Entering at #43 is Curt Hawkins.

Hawkins turns to run, Braun heads out after him to force him into the match! POUNCE FOR BRYAN ON THE FLOOR! A BOOT FOR ELIAS!

Braun Strowman eliminates Curt Hawkins.

Elias passes Braun into the ringpost! A second shot into the post! The countdown timer ticks...

Entering at #44 is Bobby Lashley.

Lashley runs Elias over! Body slam follows, whip to the corner, charge sidestepped but the lariat connects on the second pass, another whip, shoulder thrust and here comes the delayed vertical but Elias counters with a knee to the face! Leapfrog, short powerbomb...

Bobby Lashley eliminates Elias.

Braun and Lashley stare each other down and start clubbing! Stinger splash from Strowman, charging lariat from Bobby-- BRYAN’S BACK IN WITH THE RUNNING CORNER DROPKICKS! The countdown timer ticks...

Entering at #45 is GREAT KHALI!

Lashley tries to eliminate Bryan, clubbing away at him in the corner as Khali comes in. BRAIN CHOPS FOR EVERYONE! Two handed choke on Dan but Lashley and Strowman work together...

Bobby Lashley and Braun Strowman eliminate Great Khali.

Off the ropes, double lariat wipes the giants out and the countdown timer ticks...

Entering at #46 is Kevin Owens.

All three other men down in corners for cannoballs, Bryan gets up, hits a kick, dumps him to the apron but KO blocks his elimination. Off the ropes... POP-UP POWERBOMB! Trying to dump the American Dragon as the countdown timer ticks...

Entering at #47 is Shane McMahon.

KO puts a desultory boot to Lashley but you know he wants McMahon and Shane comes in with punches. Whip across, big leaping back elbow into mounted punches. Owens recovers, whip, runs into a boot, McMahon ducks a lariat and hits a floatover DDT! Shane shuffling and he turns to see Bryan. They square off... but decide to throw chest kicks at KO together!

The countdown timer ticks...

Entering at #48 is Shelton Benjamin.

Shelton double legs McMahon and pounds him with punches! Running shoulder block for Bryan, reverse roundhouse for Shane! Step-up knee for Bobby, but Braun throws him aside when he tries the same! Kev tries to sell everybody on attacking Strowman and they go for it! The countdown timer ticks...

Entering at #49 is Big Cass.

Cass goes right after Bryan awkwardly, tripping on his way in, into mounted punches. Lashley with a shoulder thrust to Braun, Shane perches... COAST TO COAST ON THE MONSTER AMONG MEN! Strowman rolls out under the bottom rope and Lashley gets into it with Shelton. Big boots Owens before scooping Lashley up for a fallaway slam as the countdown timer ticks...

Entering at #50 is Chris Jericho.

Owens is ready for Jericho and they get into the Frye/Takayama punches! Whip into a back elbow... LIONSAULT! Triangle dropkick nearly takes Cass out! Codebreaker for Benjamin and a lariat takes him out!

Chris Jericho eliminates Shelton Benjamin.

He blocks the powerbomb and locks the Walls of Jericho in on KO! Cass breaks it up with a boot but Lashley comes over and gets him up for the delayed vertical... BRAINBUSTER! Bryan with a back suplex on Owens and he’s fired up! Yes! Kicks in the corner, Dan wants Shane to get up and he sets Kev in the corner... HESITATION DROPKICKS! McMahon perches but Braun runs up onto the apron... CHOKESLAM THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE FROM THE APRON!


Lashley beating on Bryan in the corner, he tries a crossbody on Braun and gets dumped!

Braun Strowman eliminates Braun Strowman.

Braun Strowman eliminates Chris Jericho.

Braun Strowman eliminates Kevin Owens.

Bryan comes from behind but Braun shrugs him off! Strowman scoops him up for the powerslam, Bryan blocks, buzzsaw roundhouse but Cass runs him over with a boot!

Big Cass eliminates Daniel Bryan.

Strowman and Cass are the final two and they square off, Braun inviting him to Get These Hands! big throwing punches, a lariat, another, Strowman in the ropes but not going over, he blocks another lariat, crotches Cass up top and bounces the ropes! A POUNCE ENDS IT!

Braun Strowman wins the Greatest Royal Rumble, last eliminating Big Cass.

Vince McMahon and a Saudi dignitary come to the ring to present Braun with his trophy as well as the Greatest Royal Rumble Championship belt.

That’s the show, folks.

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