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Zack Ryder looks to be still upset with Mike Kanellis about his injury


Injured Monday night in St. Louis, Zack Ryder has had a roller coaster week. First Ryder tweaked his knee during a match for Main Event versus Mike Kanellis. The knee strain was believed to be torn and it knocked the former Intercontinental champion out of this Friday’s Greatest Royal Rumble event.

Then yesterday, Ryder got some good news in that nothing was torn in his knee and no surgery would be required.

Today (Apr. 26) woke up and saw the entire male WWE locker room taking in the sights of Saudi Arabia. Long Island Iced-Z saw Kanellis enjoying himself overseas and was not too happy about.

A Mike Kanellis versus Zack Ryder feud coming soon to Raw or just sour grapes from The Ultimate Broski?

Update 3:30 PM EST: Zack Ryder is not hyped with cSs and he may or may not be actively trying to turn us into Mojo Rawley fans.

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