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Who would win an Avengers Royal Rumble?

Dolph Ziggler and Renee Young got a chance to interview the cast of Avengers: Infinity War, and they used the occassion to flex their journalism muscles and...

Just kidding. They did what all of us would have done and asked pretty much the nerdiest questions possible. And since their chat was set up by WWE they played games like “Wrestler or Marvel character?”:

and even more fun, “if you had a Royal Rumble match where the participants were all Avengers, who would win?”:

I like where Don Cheadle’s head is at... self-confidence, and the ability to use armor covered in big-ass guns, are Rumble strategies which have proven to be successful. Well, one of those things, anyway. Not sure how you can bet against Mark Ruffalo’s CGI form, though. Thor: Ragnorak was basically an episode of Raw, and Hulk took down the Thunder God and went toe-to-toe with Fire Giant/demon Surtur.

Of course, Captain America is kind of the Daniel Bryan of the MCU, so I don’t know how I could root against Chris Evans...

Okay, I could fantasy book this all night. Y’all take over for me.

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