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Cody Rhodes says it’s ‘unlikely’ he’ll ever return to WWE

This isn’t terribly surprising, considering the success he’s had with his post-WWE career so far... a Ring of Honor World Title run, a Tokyo Dome match, being part of a successful YouTube series, in the process of promoting and running his own arena show... but the subject of “would/when will you go back?” always comes up for men and women who’ve left the McMahons employ.

During a Twitter Q&A, Cody Rhodes was asked if there’s “any chance you will ever return to WWE?”

His answer:

Now, Dusty’s son would likely be the first to admit you can never say never in this business, which is probably why he didn’t say “never”. But that’s a pretty strong stance to a question with a wide-open time frame like “ever”.

What do you think, Cagesiders? Will the former Dashing One ever grace a WWE ring again in his career?

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