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Just some WWE wrestlers tweeting about male genitalia

Thanks to Shinsuke Nakamura’s heel turn, and especially the obsession with low blows that’s come along with it, we’ve been indulging in our adolescent love of d!ck jokes even more than usual here at Cageside Seats.

Turns out we aren’t the only people in the wrestling game with inner 13 year olds who can’t help but giggle like a character from Idiocracy’s version of 2505 America watching the new episode of “OW! MY BALLS!” every time Nak racks someone.

One of the newest (and oldest) NXT Superstars thinks it’s great, too. And he’s got jokes!

Something may have gotten lost in translation there, though. This version of Shinsuke doesn’t speak English, after all. So he asked for some clarification:

But company guidelines prohibited EC3 from getting into it:

Luckily, Nakamura figured out what he was going for - and in clarifying for EC3 which part of AJ’s nether regions he was targeting, taught many of us a new Japanese word!

Yep, kintama is testicles.

And I don’t think he’s sorry. I don’t think any of us is sorry about any of this.

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