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Mark Henry is telling lies about retirement again (for a very good reason)

We know Mark Henry’s not to be trusted when it comes to retirement talk. Even when he’s not wearing a salmon-colored blazer, the WWE Hall of Famer’s definition of hanging up the boots is... flexible.

So no one was surprised when he was rumored and then announced as a participant in the 50 man Royal Rumble at Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia this Friday. And there’s no reason we should believe him when he says this:

“I’ve been retired now for 10 months and I’m only coming out of retirement this one time for you.”

As long as the children Henry and Mojo Rawley met with at Jeddah’s Help Center, “a non-profit organization committed to enhance the quality of life of individuals with intellectual disabilities by giving them the opportunity to learn, live, work, and play, in a safe environment,” believed him, that’s all that matters.

I mean, they probably know the big Texan has a lot left in the tank, too. But this is still a cool moment.

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