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Bayley unnecessarily apologizes for super-cringey fan interaction on Raw

Wasn’t gonna post on this, because my soul just hurts for the large male fan who was left hanging on a hug attempt by The Hugster during her entrance before the main event of the April 23 Raw in St. Louis. We don’t know his backstory. He could be a creepy guy or a sweet kid after a growth spurt. If there’s even a small chance it’s the latter or something similar, I don’t want to pile on the big fella.

But then Bayley apologized. Which is very nice of her, and fits her character (when she’s dealing with anyone not named Sasha Banks, that is). But it’s also really not necessary, even if our man is an adorably large 12 year old or something. Her focus was on the definitely young female fan in front of him. You know, her target audience. And not someone who could conceivably be a creepy guy.

Anyway, enough pre-amble from me. Prepare to cringe, and then discuss whether Bayley is just being TOO nice here...

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