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Some very good GIFs of Braun Strowman destroying Kevin Owens

Fight forever, and when we say fight forever we really mean have Braun Strowman lighting up Kevin Owens with full speed attacks outside of the ring forever. Tonight (Apr. 23) on Raw, Strowman teamed with Bobby Lashley while Owens teamed with Sami Zayn.

Owens and Zayn were booked in the tag match after the debut of their new talk show “The Sami and Kevin Show” went off the rails. The Canadian duo berated and belittled their first guest, Kurt Angle, until the Raw GM dropped them into a tag match later in the night.

During the match, Zayn and Owens jumped out to an early lead. KO and Sami isolated Lashley and in one particular exchange as Strowman was reaching for a tag, Owens ran to outside and pulled The Monster Among Men off the apron and away from his partner.

On the way down Strowman landed face first on the apron and was not happy.

When Strowman finally got tagged into the match he completely ignored Zayn, the legal man, and just repeatedly destroyed Owens.

First Strowman did this

Then Strowman did this

And finally Strowman did this

Need to watch Braun Strowman hitting a full speed, running, missile drop kick on Kevin Owens on a never-ending loop.

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