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This might be the only thing the winner of the Greatest Royal Rumble gets

One of the big open questions surrounding Greatest Royal Rumble is, what does the winner of the match which gives the show its name get?

WWE knows their battle royal innovation is a very popular concept among wrestling fans. It’s why they’ve had a show built around the staggered entry, over the top rope elimination gimmick every year for decades, and why they put that label on this event.

The last wrestler in the ring at the end of the annual Royal Rumble match gets a title shot/main event match at WrestleMania. And those only feature 30 (or one time 40) competitors. Surely a 50 man GREATEST Royal Rumble will get a similarly GREAT prize, right?

Maybe. Reports indicated that stakes for the Rumble match were a detail still being discussed. But a graphic from the latest episode of This Week In WWE on the Network may have provided the answer.

And, if so, that answer is a WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal-esque non-descript big-ass trophy:

WWE Network

Hosts Scott Stamford and Charly Caruso don’t mention the trophy or any other reward for Friday’s winner during the segment running down the card which gives us this image. But that’s an oddly specific design to just whip up on a whim. It also could be that, unlike The Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, the trophy comes along with a championship opportunity.

Maybe we’ll get a final answer on Raw tonight (April 23)? Join us in the live blog to find out.

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