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There’s way too much WWE women’s tag team talk for it all to be a coincidence, right?


Starting with last week’s announcement of an IIconics vs. Asuka and Becky Lynch for SmackDown tomorrow (April 24), there’s been a lot of talk on about women’s tag team wrestling.

As my main man Geno Mrosko pointed out while covering a couple of the recent mentions - the suggestion new General Manager Paige could make the “controversial” decision to establish Women’s Tag Titles and Nikki Bella’s interest in same - there doesn’t seem to be a deep enough roster on either brand to support a pairs scene.

That hasn’t stopped a steady stream of suggestions from the company website.

Not that there ever needs to be an excuse to post a click-inducing photo gallery of pictures of attractive people (said the pot to the kettle), but the timing on “The most dominant female duos in WWE history” is curious...

As is this exchange between two of the women featured in that gallery:

It’s all a bit much to just hand wave away without considering there’s some backstage talk inspiring all this online “talk”.

And with the brand split going away for pay-per-view (PPV) events, maybe the ladies could make history with the first championship of the current era to span shows, as duos from Raw and SmackDown compete for a WORLD Tag Team title?

It’s fun to think about, and WWE at least knows we enjoy the discussion.

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