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Nikki Bella wants in on this talk of women’s tag team titles on SmackDown

My main cat Sean Rueter mentioned earlier an article WWE threw up talking about the potential return of Talking Smack. Really, it was the folks at thinking up ideas for General Manager Paige to introduce to her show, SmackDown. Well, one of those ideas was the introduction of tag team titles in the women’s division.

There are currently 12 women on the SmackDown roster, with two tag teams (The IIconics and Absolution). Put simply, that means there simply isn’t the roster to support as much.

But Nikki Bella likes the idea of coming back for it with her sister Brie:

That would at least make three teams while WWE figured out how to go about making a legitimate tag division. It’s almost certain this won’t happen anytime soon but as women continue to give a bigger share of the pie, it’s something to look out for in the future.

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