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Ric Flair is out here WOO-ing Cardi B

In case you missed it, Ric Flair styled and profiled his way to The Tonight Show this week to strut while Offset and Metro Boomi nperformed “Ric Flair Drip”, their song inspired by Naitch (who also made an appearance in the video, natch). You can check that out above.

We didn’t hit it here at Cageside, as we’d already written about the song and video, and Jimmy Fallon doesn’t need our help. Lots of other places covered it, too.

What we didn’t see covered anywhere else were the behind-the-scenes pics, which happen to feature one of the hottest acts in the world right now. I mean, if Flair has a current hip-hop analog, it’s probably more Offset’s significant other than the Migos man himself.

All the more reason he might want to watch out when the 69 year old kiss-stealer slides up on Cardi B...

The man just got done singing about his plans to “go WOO on a”... female, and then he’s gonna let THE MAN himself do it to his baby mama?

Good thing Fifi the French Maid (aka Flair fiancee Wendy Barlow) was on hand to keep things from getting out hand...

2018 is wild, y’all. And Ric Flair is still Ric Flair.

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