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No, SmackDown doesn’t need to be 3 hours long

The Superstar Shakeup resulted in SmackDown having a lot of talent fans are very excited to see on Tuesday nights. Enough so that we’ve seen some talk of the blue brand needing an extra hour to showcase the likes of The Bar, Asuka, Samoa Joe, Andrade “Cien” Almas and IIconics in addition to AJ Styles, Daniel Bryan, Charlotte Flair and The Usos... just to name a few folks on the stacked roster.

But as Cageside’s video team, Cain A. Knight and Stephanie Hatala, argue in a recent production (embedded above) - a three hour SmackDown isn’t the answer. It may ensure we see all our favorites week-to-week, but that may not be a good thing:

“Overexposure is the single biggest detriment to creating new stars in WWE, and a third hour exacerbates that issue. The frequency of meaningless matches with no stakes will increase, there will be more filler 6-man tags, and promo segments will increase in length and become less focused. It’s best to just enjoy a really great two hour show that highlights six stories a week rather than getting hit over the head with all the downsides that come with a three hour show.”

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