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So you’re telling us there’s a chance Talking Smack could return?

Talking Smack was very popular with the apparently-not-enough-people who watched it during its 2016-2017 run as a post-SmackDown fallout show. The name has lived on for occassional pay-per-view (PPV) aftershows, but it’s never been the same with Jerry Lawler or JBL in place of Daniel Bryan or even Shane McMahon as Renee Young’s co-host. And with dual brand-PPV the new norm, it seems unlikely WWE will want to name any follow-up programing after their B-Show.

So we should probably give up hope that the entertaining half hour which gave Superstars a chance for more freedom on the microphone and fleshed out angles beyond the constraints of a two hour broadcast show, much to the delight of continuity-obsessed super-fans?

Probably, yes. But there have been a couple things recently which inspire a Lloyd Christmas-like optimism for more Talking Smack some time in our future.

We know Young’s in favor of the idea. She’s filmed multiple DIY projects to fill the Talking Smack-shaped hole in her heart. But she seems particularly excited about working with Paige, Bryan’s replacement as General Manager, on a reboot:

Now, is getting in on the push, raising a Talking Smack return as one of their “Five controversial decisions we’d like to see Paige make as SmackDown LIVE General Manager”:

“WWE Network’s Talking Smack was home to many of SmackDown LIVE’s most personal and hilarious moments. Routinely hosted by Renee Young and Daniel Bryan, the SmackDown LIVE post-show was the battleground for several tense exchanges between The Miz and The “Yes!” Man, impassioned pleas from the likes of John Cena, Baron Corbin and more, as well as Rhyno infamously dressing up like Santa Claus. The WWE Universe was understandably disappointed when Talking Smack was cancelled, but with Paige now at the helm, the time seems right to bring it back. Can you imagine Paige as a host, grilling Team Blue Superstars at their most volatile?”

Do either of these items mean anything? Probably not!

Will we ever give up hope of Talking Smack returning, especially if it means the possibility of a Sweet Beetz appearance? Probably not!

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