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WWE starts up talk of Ronda Rousey vs. Charlotte at WrestleMania 35

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Sure, it’s within a “List This!” video uploaded to the promotion’s YouTube channel but said channel reaches 25 million subscribers and there are already rumors and reports that WWE is thinking of headlining WrestleMania 35 with Ronda Rousey. There is no female on the roster who could be on the opposite side of that other than Charlotte Flair.

Perhaps it happens, perhaps it doesn’t, but we shouldn’t be surprised they’re finding a way to put the idea in our heads as early as possible. Rousey will have an entire year to grow on Monday Night Raw while Charlotte is on SmackDown Live working through what appears to be a loaded women’s division.

That means they’ll be kept apart the entire year, or at least until a Survivor Series or a Royal Rumble.

Might as well start getting ready for it now, though, folks.