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Elias brought the rains down in South Africa

Did I just make an excuse to butcher some Toto lyrics on a slow news day?

Yes. Yes, I did.

But I also wanted to call attention to a fun video from WWE’s house show in Cape Town yesterday (April 19) which demonstrates how great Elias is at his job.

An arena full of people went from chanting “We Walk With Elias” and cheering for the rain comment which allowed me to pun about 80s pop rock to booing him vociferously. He doesn’t deploy any new tricks - it’s a time honored mix of ego and cheap heat insults. But they’re just clever enough, and delivered with the perfect blend of charisma and contempt, to make it special.

Bear in mind, he follows this up by letting Braun Strowman beat him pillar-to-post. Think the fans dug that?

Now silence your cell phones, hold your applause and shut your mouths... and enjoy.

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