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Rusev was going to face Undertaker in a casket match at Greatest Royal Rumble in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia next Friday (April 27). The he wasn’t, and Chris Jericho was. Now he is again.

This is either because WWE thought Taker was upset about a TMZ interview where Rusev said he was “old”, or it wasn’t.

No matter. The original match - which, depending who you talk to, is either a showcase for Lana’s husband or a sign Vince McMahon thinks he’s a Jobber 4 Life - is back on.

Until the rumors start Rusev has pissed off WWE management with his Thursday night tweet poking fun at the whole thing...

That is funny. Throwing it back all the way to a Thursday in early April 2018!

But would anyone be surprised if we hear a rumor in a few hours WWE is considering putting Jericho back in against The Dead Man? Y2J himself said he sometimes doesn’t know what he’s doing until he’s walking to the ring...

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