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Ricochet is having a very good week

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He wrestled during the five star opener of TakeOver: New Orleans, but Ricochet had his first match from Full Sail Live hit WWE Network during the episode of NXT which debuted on April 18.

That alone would be enough to, as Titus O’Neil used to say, make it a win. But WWE appears to have lined this week up as a key phase of his rollout, posting a Q & A with “The One and Only” on the front page of and releasing his first official merch:

WWE Shop

Not the most exciting shirt in history, but it is a nice, clean design that establishes a logo which fits the gimmick very well.

What is exciting - electrifying, even - was a Twitter exchange with movie star Dwayne Johnson (many of us still think of him as The Rock). Ricochet’s love of The Brahma Bull is well documented, an homages to Rocky’s swagger are pretty easy to spot in his act. He talks about it a bit in his interview with Bryon Saxton.

Regardless of their history, though, a fan-prompted shout out from Johnson had to be a highlight of Ricochet’s already eventful week:

I mean, that’s going to more than 12 million followers. That’s like 6 times the Network’s reach.

It was a good week to be The King. And Ricochet still has an electrifying weekend of working with Velveteen Dream on NXT’s tour of the mid-Atlantic to go!


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