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Lots of people are reportedly backstage at Raw, none of whom are Undertaker (possible spoilers)

Over the past few weeks, one things has been true about these “so-and-so seen backstage at Raw” reports:

Those people were not The Undertaker.

We’re letting you know from the outset that that remains true. Will he be there tonight anyway? We’ll have to wait to find out. In the meantime, let’s talk about who is there and whether or not they’re likely candidates to be on the WrestleMania 34 ‘go home’ edition of Raw from Atlanta on April 2.

Here’s who PWInsider is saying has been spotted in and around Philips Arena...

The two men reported the last couple weeks are on the list again, although Brock Lesnar being where he’s supposed to be isn’t as newsworthy as it was on Mar. 19. Jeff Hardy wasn’t used last week despite being in Cleveland, but since we know he’ll be back for Greatest Royal Rumble on April 27, if he’s cleared it’s conceivable he could return tonight in order to do something like add star power to The Andre The Giant Memorial at ‘Mania this Sunday.

Another performer who’s booked for Saudi Arabia but who hasn’t been our screens in a while is Samoa Joe, and he’s with WWE today, too. He’d be an interesting name for the battle royal in New Orleans, or even as a Braun Strowman mystery partner candidate.

Last, but not... well kind of least, are R-Truth and Alicia Fox. If they’re back following Oct. 2017 elbow surgery and a broken tailbone suffered in Jan. (respectively), they’d make good battle royal candidates.

Join us tonight to find out if any of these folks - other than Brock, who’s advertised for an appearance - show up on the broadcast!

And who knows... maybe Taker will be there after all.

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