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Big Show is not retiring, reveals he recently signed a ‘multi-year deal’ with WWE

Big Show Day continues here at Cageside Seats! Towards the end of an interview he gave at the New York Stock Exchange this morning (April 2) while on Wall Street to ring the opening bell and promote WrestleMania 34, Show revealed that he recently re-upped with WWE and will not be hanging up his boots any time soon:

“The rumors of me retiring... are false. I actually re-signed in January. So I have a new contract, multi-year deal, so I’ll be around for a while.

This is not the end. For those... who wanted me to retire? Too bad, so sad, I’m still here.

It’s a different role for me. I’m still competing in the ring, doing a lot more outside projects - more projects for myself as well, but it’s a good synergy that WWE and I put together and I’m really looking forward to the future.”

Even before his recent hip surgery, Show himself has teased retirement and “one last run”. Whether that was a negotiating tactic, something he was thinking before his body transformation left him feeling better, a total work or some combination of all three, we don’t know.

But now we know he’s not going anywhere.


H/T: Pro Wrestling Sheet

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