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We formally move to give heel Shinsuke a new nickname

Shinsuke Nakamura’s WrestleMania “dream match” may have been underwhelming. His entire WWE run may leave fans who loved him in New Japan wondering if we’ll ever see Tokyo Dome Nak again, while it leaves those unfamiliar with his work on the other side of the Pacific wondering where the in-ring magician they were promised is.

But even if all those things are and remain true, the heel turn we’ve seen since New Orleans has provided Shinsuke with a much needed swagger. It just might be enough to revitalize his WWE career and cement his status as an international legend - even if he doesn’t have any more five star matches in him at 38 years of age.

Central to his new act is the low blow. We’ve already covered the way its earned him another shot at AJ Styles’ WWE Championship at Greatest Royal Rumble. Leaving his upper arm where The Phenomenal One’s nuts used to be is key to what makes Shin’s version special, but it’s also the general way he relishes the move.

Look how proud of himself he is just for making a veiled reference to racking AJ in this quick promo:

In addition to punching people in them, he also enjoys being a dick. The former IWGP Heavyweight and NXT Champ’s jerk interview with Renee Young on the April 10 SmackDown was epic, and he doubled down on his new, stereotype-mocking catchphrase on this week’s show.

Then he flat out trolled Corey Graves while bantering on the subject of his language skills via social media:

That’s a Marx Brothers/Bugs Bunny gag on wrestling Twitter folks!

It’s for these reasons we here at Cageside Seats propose a new nickname for Shinsuke’s heel gimmick. Partially inspired by another character who enjoys hitting below the belt, Mark Hamill’s villain from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and generally in reference to the fact The Artist is now pretty much a dick, we move that he henceforth be, at least occassionally, known as...


Get it?!?!

Or, you know, not. We love his new schtick either way.

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