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Shelton Benjamin turns heel

Chad Gable moved over to Monday Night Raw in this year’s Superstar Shakeup, leaving his old tag team partner Shelton Benjamin to remain on SmackDown Live as a singles wrestler. He got that run kicked off by turning heel on this week’s episode:

“Last night on Twitter, I said that Chad Gable was an inspirational partner and I see big things in his future. I would like to add that last night my Twitter account got hacked. I would never say anything like that. I no longer need Chad Gable. Correction -- I never needed Chad Gable; Chad Gable needed me. But enough about Chad, let’s talk about what I need. What I need is the respect that I deserve; what I need are the championship opportunities that I’m owed; what I need is to remind each and every one of you that I’m one of the biggest threats on SmackDown Live. So I had a little chat with Paige in the back and asked her to send me some competition and I mean big competition.”

He was immediately beaten by Jeff Hardy, who came over from Raw.

Not a great start for Benjamin!

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