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Ronda Rousey is above the law

A couple days ago, I wrote this article detailing what I thought was a fairly obvious play for WWE: Ronda Rousey would be suspended for injuring Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon despite the fact that McMahon had conceded her position and was offering to work with the former UFC star both personally and professionally.

That is not what happened.

Indeed, this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw saw Rousey have a conversation with General Manager Kurt Angle where he failed to condemn her actions and was even congratulatory. His only word on the Stephanie matter was to say “Stephanie’s not going to go away quietly; who knows what she has planned for the Superstar Shakeup.”

As it turned out, nothing!

Or, maybe, Natalya?

Later in the night, Nattie needing saving from Absolution and Rousey answered the call in a segment that included a lot of weird staring from Natalya that seemed to choreograph her turning on Ronda at some point:

Even more baffling about this? Not only did McMahon fail to reprimand Rousey in any way, she actually hired the two guys who were fired for doing the same thing to their boss over on SmackDown Live, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.

Perhaps we should wait to see if Nattie was recruited to do Stephanie’s dirty work. For now, the only conclusion we can draw here is that Rousey is above the law.

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