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Corey Graves has multiple excuses for saying ‘Bullet Club’ on Raw

A week after General Manager Kurt Angle excited the folks at his old employer, Impact Wrestling, but name-dropping TNA on Raw, the April 16 edition featured announcer Corey Graves proudly proclaiming New Japan’s “Bullet Club is for everyone”.

While we can fantasy booking Corey throwing in with #TeamCody, in Graves’ case, there’s no question it was an inadvertant slip.

For one thing, Michael Cole immediately corrects him, and Corey has a ready-made excuse for his flub:

For another, it’s not even his fault! Finn Bálor has too many dang clubs...

I mean, technically - if Bálor Club is for EVERYONE, wouldn’t Bullet Club be included? And once they joined Finn’s newest faction, Bullet Club would then therefore be for EVERYONE, too?

Try that backstage when Vince McMahon is reading you the riot (one ‘T’) act backstage, Graves.

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