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WWE announces Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz... for UK house shows

This doesn’t mean it won’t be happening at Backlash and other televised shows, too. But the first matches in the long-awaited Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz feud we officially know about will be happening in May when SmackDown heads across the pond...

Those dates are:

Liverpool - Weds., May 16
Newcastle - Thurs., May 17
Sheffield - Fri., May 18

As mentioned above, house show encounters are often practice or re-runs of pay-per-view (PPV) bouts. So the rivalry which started years ago on NXT and proceeded through Bryan’s retirement via Talking Smack will almost certainly be featured on a May or June Network special.

But if you were (full disclosure, like me) thinking it could be a SummerSlam or other “Big 4” main event-caliber feud, this is likely confirmation WWE doesn’t see it that way.

There’s only one way to find out, though... so I’ll keep watching. Who’s with me?

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