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Apollo got his Crews back

Here’s a first - at least it’s the first time the team in the Cageside offices can remember it happening.

Titus Worldwide member Apollo is once again Apollo Crews. We missed it in all the shaking up of Superstars that was going on, but during the April 16 episode of Raw, he was wearing old merch which featured an “AC” logo and his kayfabe surname. Michael Cole also refers to him as Apollo Crews in the segment (embedded above) which introduced the team of Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre to Monday nights. And his Superstar page on’s been changed:

This comes roughly two months after WWE dropped “Crews” from the character’s moniker around rumors they were concerned about comparisons to the school shooter in Parkland, Florida and a weird Twitter beef with actor Terry Crews.

Maybe they settled things with the Brooklyn 99 and Deadpool 2 actor? Or management felt media coverage of Parkland has shifted far enough away from any talk of the killer and onto the survivors’ crusade for gun reform that there was no risk of an association?

As with most WWE decisions, we’ll likely never know. But maybe there’s hope for fans of Cesaro’s first name, or those who want the Langston back in Big E?

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