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WWE 205 Live results (April 17, 2018): Buddy Murphy wants the belt

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Cedric Alexander’s reign as Cruiserweight Champ seemed off to a good start after a WrestleMania 34 win over his friend Mustafa Ali and nice reception at the fallout show in New Orleans two nights later. But despite having picked up a couple of statement making wins which most figured had already moved him to the front of the line for a title shot, Buddy Murphy crashed the party and attacked Cedric from behind. General Manager DRAKE MAVERICK is not happy, and he’s promising to address The Best Kept Secret’s actions in Providence, Rhode Island on April 17.

Plus, the long-simmering feud between Lucha House Party and Akira Tozawa and Hideo Itami comes to a head in Tornado Tag action, we wait to see what the returning The Brian Kendrick and Gentleman Jack Gallagher have in store for the 205 Live roster, and maybe even get some developments in Tony Nese’s face-turning feud against Drew Gulak.

We'll post match results and plot developments here. And this gives you Cagesiders a dedicated place to rave and/or bitch about whatever goes down on the WWE’s cruiserweight showcase - while it’s being broadcast!

Enjoy the show!

- Voiceover guy recaps the month-long Itami/Tozawa vs. Lucha House Party feud which gives us tonight’s featured match, then it’s “Hail The Crown”

- Vic Joseph and Percy Watson send congratulations to new father Nigel McGuinness, then they tease repercussions for Buddy Murphy after his sneak attack on the champ last Tuesday.

- Mustafa Ali def. Ariya Daivari via pinfall following the 0-5-4

Ali is wearing his WrestleMania Sub-Zero/Blue Lantern gear. Daivari gets an interview backstage with Dasha Fuentes before is entrance. Ariya says Mustafa had his chance and failed, then pathetically asked for another shot from Cedric last week. Tonight, he shows Ali he belongs at the back of the line.

Daivari charges at the bell and stomps Ali down in the corner. The Chicagoan fights back, but the tone is set for another inspired comeback for Mustafa. Ali leaps over and shoves Ariya into the corner to start a comeback, but ends up rebounding into a superkick for another nearfall. He taunts Mustafa, screaming “YOU BLEW IT AT WRESTLEMANIA” in his face, which seems to motivate Ali, but only results in another setback when he charges into a spinebuster on the floor by Daivari. A follow-up frog splash gets another 2+ count, but Mustafa kicks out. After a desperation roll-up out of the hammerlock DDT, Ariya turns Ali inside out with a lariat for another pin that comes THIS CLOSE to ending it. Daivari goes up top to try a belly-to-back superplex, but Mustafa flips free, lands on his feet, and charges to hit his finisher.

Ali celebrates with fans while Daivari seethes.

- We get a replay of last week’s show-closing angle with Mustafa, Cedric, DRAKE MAVERICK and Buddy Murphy. Alexander’s tweet vowing to send the Aussie to “The Alexander Chiropractic Institute”.

- MAVERICK says he doesn’t approve of Murphy’s actions, but his run leading up to last week was deserving of a title shot. So he made a match between Cedric and Buddy for Greatest Royal Rumble, but then Murphy didn’t make weight - coming in over 207 lbs at the last mandatory weigh in. Instead, there will be a Gauntlet match next Tuesday, with the winner going to Jeddah to challenge for the title on April 27.

- The Brian Kendrick and Jack Gallagher def. These Guys via submission with Captain’s Hook

Gallagher, then Kendrick work over Guy #1, sadistically targeting the arm. He eventually stumbles to the corner for a hesitant tag from Guy #2, and TBK goes to work on his lower back. Guy #2 lands a stiff shot to Kendrick’s recently injured face, which angers them. Guy #2 gets some separation after punishment from Gentleman Jack, but blind tag from Kendrick. Gallagher headbutts him into the finish.

- Dasha inteferes Mustafa Ali. He puts down Murphy’s attack and says he knows his friend Cedric can’t wait to get his hands on Buddy. But The Best Kept Secret missing weight is an opportunity for him, and after having the title slip through his fingers at ‘Mania, he won’t let this chance get away.

- Drew Gulak promo time. His says he once again proved last week that aerial attacks are no match for his ground-based offense. Having dispatched Mark Andrews, he’s prepared to deal with his former partner Tony Nese’s misguiding attempts at retribution. Nese thinks he has a right to climb the ladder because he has washboard abs, but Gulak has bigger plans to spread his message, and that’s winning the Cruiserweight Title by first winning the Gauntlet match next week. Whoever steps to him will TAP OUT.

- After some shots of the main event teams warming up, DM THE GM joins the announce team. He refuses to reveal the Gauntlet match competitors for next week, but teases he may let them out on social media during the week.

- Lucha House Party (Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik) def. Hideo Itami and Akira Tozawa via pinfall in a Tornado Tag match via dual pins following a tandem springboard elbow drop/450 after Tozawa inadvertantly hit Itami with a big kick

Dorado and Metalik attack Itami and Tozawa on the ramp before the bell. They get the Japanese wrestlers to the ring for the official start. This is one I honestly couldn’t keep up with, but it’s a lot of car crash-y fun and worth a watch.

Itami gets isolated and taken out early, but Tozawa survives on his own, knocking Dorado and Metalik to the floor. Hideo comes back and gets in some offense and nearfalls on the Golden Linx. Itami repeatedly tries to unmask Lince while his team dominates, but Metalik recovers and appears to deliver a double drop-kick off the top rope.

The black-masked Metalik runs wild, and he and his partner work some double-teams, eventually leading to dual moonsaults down to the floor. All four men brawl there, with Itami getting bounced off the announce table, but he comes back to throw Dorado off the steps. Tozawa goes up top and considers a senton to Metalik (now laid out on the announce desk), but Dorado catches him and Metalik ends up sunset flipping the other men in a Tower of Doom-type spot.

All four men are down. Lots of nearfalls until Itami goes after Metalik’s mask to fight off the Metalik Driver. It’s at that point that Tozawa lines up for the kick that starts the finish.

- Kalisto slides in to celebrate with his guys while Tozawa and Itami regroup on the ramp. MAVERICK and the commentary team mention that Gallager and Kendrick stuck to their word they wouldn’t interfere to get revenge on Itami for injuring TBK.

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