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Rusev vs. Undertaker is back on for WWE Greatest Royal Rumble

Remember when I said Lana had changed her mind and now actually endorsed Rusev wrestling Undertaker in a Casket match at the upcoming WWE Greatest Royal Rumble event on April 27 in Saudi Arabia?

Yeah, that’s back on now.

Indeed, WWE is reporting that the match is, in fact, going to happen and the reason they are going with is that it was her tweets all along that caused Rusev’s removal, and, subsequently, his return:

Originally, the Casket Match was set to be between the two Superstars, but Lana asked for The Bulgarian Brute to be removed from the grisly bout, and he was replaced with Chris Jericho, as The Ravishing Russian expressed concern over her husband taking on The Demon of Death Valley. And for good reason.


However, now it appears that Lana’s faith in the tremendous ability of her husband has won out, and she has changed her mind. She explained, via tweet, that WWE officials have granted her request to allow Rusev to compete against The Phenom at the Greatest Royal Rumble event after all.

I’m baffled.

No word on if this means Chris Jericho, who had replaced Rusev for a brief time, goes back to competing in the 50-man Greatest Royal Rumble match but it’s probably safe to assume as much. I guess he’s still “King of the Casket match” too, considering he will remain undefeated in said match type.

Speculation will surely continue as to just what has caused all this back-and-forth with Rusev.

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