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Lana changes her mind, says Rusev will bury Undertaker in Saudi Arabia

UPDATE: The match is officially back on.

This story, my word.

WWE initially announced that Rusev would wrestle Undertaker in a Casket match at Greatest Royal Rumble on April 27 in Saudi Arabia. The Bulgarian Brute then made references to getting buried, and gave an interview with his wife, Lana, that upset ‘Taker’s wife, Michelle McCool. Lana also took to Twitter to say she was refusing to let her husband work the match.

Rusev was then pulled, replaced by Chris Jericho, and suddenly all WWE references were removed from his social media profiles and fans suffered a minor panic attack wondering what the deal was. Reports indicated it was storyline and he was simply switched to the Greatest Royal Rumble match.

Now, Lana has come back to the story with this:

The official WWE Twitter account retweeted that as of now, Undertaker vs. Jericho is still listed on the company website. This already confusing story has gotten even more befuddling.

We’ll keep you up to date if any changes are made.

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