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The latest Woken Matt Hardy madness

“In my 2011 years of existence I have collected a myriad of trophies from a plethora of entities. There are times where I look face-to-face with the opposition that I have deleted and I can see that they have embraced the change, the light. Now, a man that I deleted and purged has now embraced the light. This particular trophy must be returned to its rightful owner. Because he has proven himself, this trophy must be returned to Sam I Am, my compeer, Bray Wyatt. This Monday, myself and Bray Wyatt face The Revival. Revival, your dreams of becoming the tag team champions of the world... they are ovah! And as my compeer would say -- RUN.”

Woken Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt take on The Revival on this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw. The winner earns a match against Cesaro & Sheamus at Greatest Royal Rumble for the Raw tag team titles.

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