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WWE still doesn’t know what they’re giving the winner of the Greatest Royal Rumble

In a pair of bombshell announcements which will do absolutely nothing to change his reputation among consumers of internet wrestling rumors, Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso tweeted out some information he got from WWE about the 50 man match which gives April 27’s Greatest Royal Rumble event its name:

The first item is just... as many people responding to the tweet have pointed out, the format is right there in the match’s name. Barrasso says he was surprised there will be 50 distinct entrances because of the time they’ll take. Which, okay, but it still wouldn’t be a Royal Rumble match if they had 20 people in the ring then started staggering entrants.

Moving on - the second item is similarly fairly non-news, but it at least gets to an open question and not something which nobody was asking about. While it’s possible the winner of the Greatest Royal Rumble match will get something like proverbial “bragging rights”, or an Andre The Giant Memorial-esque trophy, that WWE is telling SI they’re still considering options gives us some hope there might be actual kayfabe stakes to the match. Whether that will be something major like the WrestleMania main event spot the regular January Rumble winner gets, or something like a match for a secondary belt - at least the company is considering a meaningful prize.

It’s strange there’s no definitive answer with less than two weeks to the event in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. But everything about Greatest Royal Rumble is pretty strange, from its very existence to the hybrid pay-per-view (PPV)/house show build.

We’ll keep you posted, hopefully with updates which contain answers to questions you didn’t already know next time.

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