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Chris Jericho is now calling himself ‘King of the Casket Match’

In less than two weeks, Chris Jericho will wrestle Undertaker in a Casket match at the WWE Greatest Royal Rumble event on April 27 in Saudi Arabia. He’s acting as a replacement for Rusev, and has been given very little time and no television appearances to sell the match.

So here’s what he’s going with:

Yes, he’s now calling attention to the fact that he’s undefeated in Casket matches and therefore the “King of the Casket Match.”

Let’s take a look at the preview for it:

The Casket Match undoubtedly belongs to The Undertaker, as The Demon of Death Valley has claimed victory in several of these harrowing contests, wherein a Superstar only wins when he gets his opponent into the casket and closes the lid. Although Jericho has never been a part of such an ominous showdown, WWE’s first Undisputed Champion has battled in virtually every other kind of match WWE has to offer, and if his extensive résumé says anything, it’s that he knows how to win when it counts.

Yep, Jericho has never wrestled in a Casket match before.

Isn’t he just the best?

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