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Sasha and Bayley never stop working

We wrestling fans are a weird bunch.

Folks who follow shows and the business online are the most likely to know the conflicts they see on their screens are scripted. Yet a lot of times we’re the easiest to “work”. And we always seem to be the ones who get the most excited when our favorite performers carry their beefs outside the confines of television and pay-per-view (PPV) events.

Even to places where we also know the wrestlers are likely to still be in character, and acting out their storylines. Like social media. Or in the seats at a company show where you know fan eyes will be on you.

See, I know all that. And yet, I still love, love, LOVE that Sasha Banks has so had it with best frenemy Bayley she made two fans change seats at TakeOver: New Orleans last Saturday (April 7) so she wouldn’t have to sit next to The Hugster in Smoothie King Center:

I Imagine if this had happened after the WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal, The Boss would have called an usher over and asked to be moved to another section entirely.

These two get it.

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