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Kevin Steen seems to be thinking about returning to the indies

While we’ve all been focused on Rusev’s latest ‘Reality’ Era drama and (probable) social media trolling, another WWE Superstar has been 2018 kayfabing it up online in some pretty interesting ways.

Sure, Sami Zayn brought back his former character (don’t @ me) with an old account and for a ProWrestlingTees sale. But Zayn never had the web presence Owens has, so KO... or should we say, Kevin Steen... launching a shirt sale under his shoot/old gimmick name, and changing his handle while also locking down his Twitter feels like a bigger deal:
Kevin Steen’s Twitter

While it’s possible the blacked out Twitter could be similar to when he went dark after someone hacked his wife’s social media, it’s much more likely he’s working as part of the angle which saw he and Sami get fired from SmackDown, then fail to get their WWE jobs back at WrestleMania 34 and the following night’s Raw. Because Owens/Steen’s updated account did make a point of following a WWE-friendly independent across the pond. And friend-of-Haitch Jim Smallman’s promotion noticed...

Could we see a run-in from The Anti-Christ of Pro Wrestling during Super Strong Style 16 next month?

Brace for peak 2018 mark-gasm in T-minus 22 days...

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