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Asuka, Charlotte & Ric Flair have a nice debate about emojis and words

Charlotte Flair was ready for Asuka at WrestleMania 34. Now the Queen and the Empress may be ready to be fighting on the same side.

Thanks to a tweet from Ric Flair, we think Flair and Asuka are forming an even stronger bond after their WrestleMania match tore the house down.

First up Ric said this

Flair even capped his statement with a ‘WOOOO’ and not one but two emojis.

Asuka responded to Flair with a correction about her nickname and even ended it with her own emoji-WOOOOO combo.

Intrigued, Charlotte threw support towards her WrestleMania opponent and Dad interacting with each other.

Asuka ended the conversation with a BOOOO rather than a WOOOO.

Asuka called Ric ‘Papa Flair’, this has to be good sign for the future of The Empress and The Queen teaming up and forming some type of Mega Team. That emoji at the end is troubling though.

With Charlotte Flair no longer holding a title and Asuka no longer leaning on her streak, when will these two cross paths again? WrestleMania was just a taste but what would a prolonged program between two of the WWE’s most popular wrestlers, on the same or opposite sides, look like?

Asuka was not on Raw or SmackDown this week, so where will The Empress of Tomorrow land after the Superstar Shakeup? Could Flair and Asuka land on the same brand after next Monday’s roster retooling?

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