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Report: Rey Mysterio will return to WWE at Greatest Royal Rumble

The WWE is back in the Rey Mysterio business. When we last checked in with Mysterio he was shooting down rumors of a possible WrestleMania 34 appearance. A big sticking point for why Mysterio was not appearing at the Showcase of the Immortals was a nagging bicep injury.

Less than two weeks after Mysterio confirmed he tore his bicep and could not a surprise WrestleMania run-in, a new report has surfaced that the 43-year-old luchador will return to the WWE later in the month.

PW Insider reports that Mysterio will take part in the WWE Network special the Greatest Royal Rumble on Friday April 27 live from Saudi Arabia. There is still no word if the WWE and Mysterio have inked a long-term deal but as of now it looks like the two sides will work together for at least one more night.

Rey Mysterio has had a busy 2018, becoming a surprise entrant into the 2018 Royal Rumble and appearing at New Japan’s Strong Style Evolved event where he vowed to wrestle for the promotion when healthy.

If the WWE and Rey Mysterio do to come to contract terms, who should the former WWE Champion feud with on the main roster?

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