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Michelle McCool is upset over new Rusev interview about The Undertaker

This is how people get buried. Yesterday (Apr. 11) the WWE added a match to their Greatest Royal Rumble supercard and it featured The Undertaker going one on one with Rusev in a casket match.

So after months of John Cena lobbying for a shot at Taker, the President of Rusev Day kind of just stumbled into a fight with The Deadman.

At first, Rusev was self aware and accepted his fate of getting buried by The Undertaker.

Today (Apr. 12) is a new Rusev Day and the Bulgarian Brute has some of his swagger back. Speaking with TMZ, Rusev was a little more confident about the possibility of defeating The Undertaker at the Greatest Royal Rumble.

One person who was not a fan of Rusev’s smack talk was the significant other of The Undertaker, Michelle McCool. Then McCool listened to the the TMZ interview and immediately hit a Faith Breaker on the tabloid news outlet.

Listen for yourself and see if Rusev, Lana or the TMZ interviewer stepped over the line.

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