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Even the referee was convinced Carmella was about to botch another cash-in

What was Mike Chioda doing?

Some rumors predicted a failed cash-in, and her track record certainly indicated that it might be a possibility. So we can’t entirely blame senior official Mike Chioda for questioning Carmella’s decision to use her Money in the Bank contract on Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair after a record-setting number of days with the briefcase during SmackDown last night (April 10).

But at some point you just have to do your job, man! This is a bit ridiculous. It takes 39 seconds from when The Fabulous One grabs Chioda on the ramp before Greg Hamilton announces the match, during which the ref asks Carmella no less than four times if she wants to cash in. It’s another 16 seconds before the dolt calls for the bell.

It’s enough to make you think he’s in the bag for The Queen. Or that he’s unfamiliar with the concept of Money in the Bank.

Surely there’s training for the latter, so it must be the former. In which case... take that, Mike. Carmella is SmackDown Women’s Champion.

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