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Mauro Ranallo is the Roman Reigns of announcing

Mauro Ranallo is the Roman Reigns of combat sports announcing. All but his most vitriolic detractors admit the man has skills, but beyond that his hyperbolic, pop culture-referencing style is #Polarizing.

This above video from WWE, isolating his reactions to the MANY big moments at Sat., April 7’s NXT TakeOver: New Orleans show, will probably only serve to deeper entrench folks in their positions.

Which is better than being handed a worked shoot promo to follow up your fourth consecutive WrestleMania main event.

Mamma mia!

Anyway... Personally, I generally enjoy him, but his extended Thanos/Infinity War analogies and Cardi B mentions grate. This highlight reel skips those for the most part, so I thought it was a hoot.

Mostly cause it gave us this:

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