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Shinsuke Nakamura ends Daniel Bryan vs. AJ Styles match with a beatdown

A match 12 years in the making did not disappoint. The first act of brand new SmackDown GM Paige was to book a dream match for tonight’s (Apr. 10) main event.

In his first television match on SmackDown in three years, Daniel Bryan locked horns with WWE World Champion AJ Styles.

Bryan showed no ring rust and Styles kept up with the returning hero step for step.

After both men went laid it all out for nearly 15 minutes, Bryan climbed to the top rope for one more move that would put away Styles. Looking for a superplex, Bryan had his offense countered by Styles in mid-air and both men found themselves laid out in the center of the ring.

During the brief stop in action Shinsuke Nakamura slipped into the ring and for a split second did not know who to attack. With a new outlook on life, Nakamura took the “why not both approach” and viciously pounced on both Bryan and Styles.

Daniel Bryan ate a knee to the back of the head. While AJ Styles got both a Kinshasa and another low blow for his troubles.

Where will Daniel Bryan end up on the Superstar Shake-Up? Now working as a heel, will Shinsuke Nakamura finally be able to taste WWE gold on the main roster?

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