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Let’s check in on the next great rivalry in wrestling

King Maxel’s Twitter

Nicholas (or Some Kid, as my boss insists we call him around the Cageside offices) is no longer a Raw Tag Team Champion. Whether that’s good or bad for “The Business”, his former partner Braun Strowman, the men he kind of helped Strowman defeat at WrestleMania 34 in New Orleans on Sun., April 8... I’ll leave for others to debate.

I’m focused on his next battle, currently being chronicled on the timeline of someone who’s carved an Asuka-like undefeated streak through their brief pro graps career.

Behold, the build to King Maxel vs. Nicholas Some Kid continues!

Don’t take Matt and Reby’s eldest’s Twitter account’s word for it, either. Let’s go right to the winner of the 2018 HUMUNGOUS WONDER #8 Memorial Battle Royal...

Come on, Vince. Make it happen.

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