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Kurt Angle namedropped TNA on Raw, and Impact can’t stop tweeting about it

This wasn’t an Edge and Christian gag. Kurt Angle dropped the usually verboten former initials of the other North American wrestling promotion that’s had a national television contract for most of this century during Raw last night (April 9). It happened in his segment dealing with the recently-unemployed Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn in order to set-up a match between the two later in the night.

To get to that match, Kurt had to establish he wasn’t hiring both men. Which he did by telling them his tag division was full, “but I hear that TNA is hiring”.

If anyone’s gonna mention it, it’d have to be Angle, who’s in the Hall of Fame of both companies. And really, The ‘E should be shouting out the Impact Wrestling’s old name, since in addition to Angle, there are several other overlapping Hall of Famers, not to mention their current WWE Champion and about about a third of their overall roster used to work there.

Impact noticed, too. First, they corrected Kurt on their name right after his soundbite aired:

Then, they decided to more or less subtweet about it - using it as a plug for one of their main eventers (who happens to be a guy WWE had in Developmental on a couple occassions before he headed to TNA/Impact, but hey):

And in case all that wasn’t clear, they directly referenced the scene from Raw:

Use that spotlight any way you can, Owl Men.

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