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There are lots of conflicting reports on Brock Lesnar’s WWE contract

Zach Tarrant for Cageside Seats

Our latest Rumor Roundup details a version of the story making the rounds about Brock Lesnar’s status with WWE and UFC, but that isn’t the only one. With several conflicting reports out there, it’s difficult to know exactly what to believe, but by looking at all of them we can at least identify the common threads and inconsistencies.

Does that give us any more insight into exactly what’s going on? Let’s try it and see...

Steven Muelhausen, a MMA reporter for Sporting News and elsewhere, contradicts the Jeremy Botter scoop from the Roundup. His sources say Lesnar is signed to a new multi-year deal with WWE. Muelhausen does say the contract allows Brock to return to UFC, however. His report and Botter’s both point to a December fight against the Stipe Miocic/Daniel Cormier winner as his next trip to the Octagon - pending completion of his USADA suspension. Lesnar is believed to have six months remaining on that from the time he “unretires” and re-enters the testing pool.

This version also says Lesnar’s last deal was good until August of 2018. But Muelhausen only mentions there being “options” remaining on the contract, so this could still be in line with previous reports WWE had used all the dates on their previous agreement with Brock.

Both Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio and Mike Johnson at PWInsider, however, are saying the word they’ve heard is that Brock’s deal is short-term. Meltzer agrees with the both the MMA writers’ reports about Lesnar’s immediate UFC future, but he does add a caveat it’s possible the Universal Champ is just using the possibility of re-entering the USADA pool for the Miocic/Cormier bout as a tool in his negotiations with Vince McMahon.

As far as the decision to have Brock defeat Roman Reigns in New Orleans on Sunday night (April 8) at WrestleMania 34, Meltzer says it came late, but not during the match itself. Vince made the call prior to Sunday, likely sometime last week. It was kept under wraps backstage, with writers and producers allegedly not knowing and even the in-ring official not finding out until the main event was underway.

The Observer says Paul Heyman’s newest deal is short-term, as well. Insider reports that Lesnar insists on a matching contract for his Advocate as a condition of his own arrangement with WWE.

So, we know Brock will face Reigns again in a steel cage on April 27 at Greatest Royal Rumble. Beyond that? It seems a December UFC fight is the next likely thing most accounts agree on, but even that isn’t unanimous - and depends on six months of clean tests for Lesnar.

Stay tuned.

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