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Bobby Lashley says he’s in WWE for the ‘big matches’

The long rumored return of former ECW, United States Champion and (in kayfabe, anyway... I don’t know the man’s politics) Donald Trump guy Bobby Lashley happened on Raw last night (April 9).

Lashley, who’s also a professional mixed martial artist, has talked some crap about reigning Universal Titleholder Brock Lesnar. It’s also been said he may have been looking for a schedule which would allow him to keep training for and taking fights for Bellator. Is he back for a shot at The Beast (if he’s sticking around past Greatest Royal Rumble)? Is he an every week performer for WWE, or a ‘part-timer’?

In his fallout interview with Cathy Kelley, Lashley somewhat answered those questions:

“I’m gonna be bigger and badder and tougher than ever. There’s a lot of really tough guys here in WWE at this time, and I got my sights set. It doesn’t matter what I post online, I always get tags of ‘we want to see you against so-and-so’ and ‘we want to see you against so-and-so’.

So now I’m here, to go and find ‘so-and-so’.

Everybody wants the big matches, and I’m here to make ‘em happen.”

Lesnar would certainly be a big match, as would a showdown with another multi-tasker in John Cena. Should we expect a program with Elias - who he worked with the night after WrestleMania 34 - in the interim?

Let us know who you want Bobby to face, and how often you expect to see him, below.

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