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Alexa Bliss is very immature

I don’t have a lot to say here, other than I wanted to write this up because I loved this quote current Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss gave Dirtfork:

“I’m pretty anti-social. I don’t go out. I’m very immature still. My ideal night for me, personally, is watching Disney movies and drinking a glass of wine by myself in the hotel room. That’s my ideal night,” Bliss said. “I guess people would describe me as the character I portrayed in NXT when I threw glitter and wore tutus and was very bubbly because that’s what I love. I love things that are sparkly and glittery and Disney, all of these things a 26-year-old probably shouldn’t like but I do.”

How great is that? She’s a top notch villain on television and a top star for the women’s division in WWE yet she likes to hang out with glitter watching Disney shows. Never grow up if you can help it, Cagesiders.

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