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Scott Hall & the family of Davey Boy Smith are feuding on social media

The most depressing about this latest social media feud is realizing Davey Boy Smith passed away over 16 years ago and then realizing he was only 39-years-old at the time of his death.

From the ‘most random Twitter feud ever’ department, it began with Scott Hall commenting on a post about the tag-team of The British Bulldog and Lex Luger, collective known as the Allied Powers in the 1990s.

The tweet read ‘Lex Luger & Davey Boy Smith were everyone a kid from the 90s wanted as a tag team”.

Seems like an innocence thought about a team that was together for only two pay-per-views in 1995 but then Hall cracked with his own comment (since deleted) that Smith and Luger were just “failed single wrestlers”

Even by the standards of social media in 2018, this felt like a totally random remark by Hall.

Before Hall could delete his comment, the daughter and wife of Davey Boy Smith, Georgia Smith and Diana Hart-Smith respectively were quick to put Hall in check.

This isn’t how anyone ever wanted a potential Razor Ramon versus The British Bulldog feud to go. Smith and Hall actually teamed up at the 1994 Survivor Series, and saw their five man team The Bad Guys defeat The Teamsters in an elimination tag match.

Hopefully cooler heads will prevail from everyone involved and when it’s all said and done maybe someone will even stick up for Lex Luger’s singles career as well.

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