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Allow Ronda Rousey to judo-splain her moveset to you

The newest member of the Raw Women’s roster got a little... okay, a lot... of flak from fans and even a few insiders about the quality of the Samoan Drop she hit on Stephanie McMahon this past Monday (Mar. 6).

Well, listen up, Tommy Dreamer... and people who have seen pro wrestlers perform a Samoan Drop before. It’s not that Rowdy was doing it wrong. It’s that she was doing something else all together. The former UFC bantamweight champ and Olympic bronze medalist even provides us with some reference video (of a move which neither looks like a Samoan Drop or whatever she hit on Raw, but what do I know?) in her tweet:

Didn’t really hear a lot of complaints or critiques of the slam which put Triple H through a table at Elimination Chamber, but just in case, there’s a tweet and supporting video for that, too:

So now you know, I guess.

One thing I’m pretty sure of? If/when Rousey goes heel, judo-splaining will be a hell of a gimmick.

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